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Sporting Events

Marvel at the World’s most talented Sporting Stars. New Zealand is a sports-mad nation and very well known on the world’s stage to punch well above its weight. The obvious being its 100+ year dominance on the Rugby pitch, the nation’s top sport is embedded in Kiwi culture. There are few sporting spectacles around the world on the same level as watching New Zealand’s national side battle it out on home soil.

With a large array of sports on offer, Kiwi hospitality isn’t just for nature tourists. New Zealand has been and is scheduled to host international competitors and teams on the world stage throughout the coming years. Sporting events in New Zealand such as Americas Cup sailing, Cricket/Rugby/Football World Cups, and the Winter Games, which attracts the world’s best Winter Sport athletes.

Perhaps you will even get the opportunity along the way to jump on a pick-up game with the locals. It’s rare to see a beach or park without a few games of Rugby or Cricket taking place, and the friendly locals are always happy to share their love of the sport.

If you are not familiar with New Zealand sporting events, then perhaps it’s time to discover a new sport and find out what all the fuss is about. Marvel at the atmosphere that surrounds the New Zealand Sporting Events

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Sporting Events

Everyone wants their vacation to be a memorable experience, but not everyone has the time to invest in researching thousands of activities and interests that are available to them. Travel New Zealand will chat with you about what you want to get out of your Sporting Events in New Zealand and do all the research for you.

With world sporting events on the calendar ahead, it’s a great opportunity to come down under and cheer on your favorite team. You will get ample opportunity to explore New Zealand’swonders during any Sporting event in New Zealand.

Whether you are a participant or a spectator we are more than capable to plan your event in detail until well past the final whistle. Having a Travel Advisor design your trip allows you to relax and enjoy the occasion, knowing everything is taken care of and curated to your travel tastes.

For teams and single competitors needing travel assistance for an event or seasonal training, please use the contact form or email directly at When submitting your enquiry, be sure to let us know what your sporting interests are so we can best accommodate you.

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Check out some opportunities New Zealandhas on offer with our interactive map. Be sure to let us know any sporting interest not mentioned that you want to check out. *Each sport is not limited to only these locations; New Zealand has sporting spectacles covering the nation from top to bottom.

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