Multiday Hiking

Your Bags for New Zealand Multiday Hiking

Multiday Hiking

Exploring New Zealand through one of its many trails and wilderness areas is one of the best ways to experience the raw, wild beauty of the country. Take your New Zealand journey to the next level, by lacing put up your shoes and enjoying the back country of New Zealand. 

New Zealand is a small place but it’s easy to escape the crowds amongst its jaw-dropping scenery. New Zealand Multiday Hiking is the best way to get off the beaten path and explore the hidden gems, untouched scenery and crisp clean air.

From nature trails and lush rainforests to coastal scenery and alpine climbs, there is something for everyone along the thousands of miles of tracks. 

New Zealand is also home to 13 national parks and a great number of regional parks, each with breath taking views and unique wildlife. 

When you choose to New Zealand Multiday Hiking, you can set your mind at ease knowing the only thing to worry about is if your camera is charged. No need to stress about snakes, bears, ticks, mountain lions, scorpions etc. Because New Zealand doesn’t have any! 

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Multiday hiking

In New Zealand you are never too far away from a trail head, so stepping foot on the trails isn’t difficult. But it can be hard to navigate your way through the endless maps and information as to what hike is best suited to you. 

Where to start? What to pack? Where to stay? How far to go? Do I need permits?!

Our Travel advisors make your New Zealand Multiday Hiking dream an easy reality, by providing you the perfect itinerary plan best suited to your hiking level. All you need to do is discuss with your travel advisor what you want out of your New Zealand hiking experience, then it will be our turn to make sure your trail journey is a success.

If you are not into Multiday hiking, that’s OK! We will also recommend shorter hikes from 1 hour to 1-day walks throughout any itinerary that we create for our clients. Just let us know you are interested in hiking New Zealand on our enquiry form here. (Multi-day hikes along New Zealand’s iconic ‘Great Walks’ must be booked well in advance to secure hut permits etc.)

View the very best of New Zealand’s Multiday Hikes

So, what are you waiting for? The following are some of New Zealand’s iconic hikes, explore our interactive map and discover some of the world’s best multi-day hikes. 


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