Film Locations

Film Locations in New Zealand

Film Locations

New Zealand is renowned throughout the industry as an incredible Filming destination. With its rugged beauty and diverse landscapes giving it the perfect backdrop for many feature Film Locations in New Zealand. The Lord of the Rings, Avatar, The Chronicles of Narnia, King Kong and The Last Samurai are just some of the blockbuster films shot there.

For many fans it can be a surreal enough experience just to walk in the footsteps of their favorite characters, but to also realize that a lot of the dramatic landscapes actually exist without editing can be awe-inspiring.

Often, it’s New Zealand’s stunning natural features that are the real stars of the movie, and Film buffs do not have to drive far before stumbling upon familiar scenery from a favorite film. At times it’s just a quickcar stop to follow a trail to these sites. Other times its climbing aboard a guided 4x4 SUV and winding your way into the mountains. Maybe take the easy way and fly with one of many Helicopter operators specializing in scenic flights, options can also include a picnic lunch or toasting with champagne out amongst the Alps in total seclusion.

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Film Locations

Everyone wants their vacation to be a memorable experience, but not everyone has the time to invest in researching thousands of activities and interests that are available to them. Travel New Zealand will chat with you about what you want to get out of your New Zealand vacation and do all the research for you.

Movie lovers will have dozens of locations to choose from, which can be explored in a variety of ways - Whether it’s a quick stroll from the roads edge, a guided tour, or a private helicopter flight to far away and hidden landscapes. With ample opportunity to explore, your Travel Advisor can have you walking the path of your favorite characters with ease.

Chat with us today to build the trip for New Zealand film locations of a lifetime– If you are excited about seeing the backdrops from the silver screen, and then be sure to let us know if New Zealand Film Locations are of interest through our enquiry form.

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