Multiday Cycling

Get Ready for an Amazing New Zealand Bike Experience

Multiday Cycling

Biking through New Zealand is an unforgettable experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cyclist, your adventure to New Zealand is tailored to explore its diverse natural beauty, at your pace and in your style. With a New Zealand Bike Experience, you can immerse yourself amongst breathtaking landscapes, along trails designed to showcase New Zealand’s incredible scenery. 

New Zealand has created a vast network of easily accessible cycle trails for every level of rider, from those still on training wheels to adrenaline junkie downhill riders. For Bike Experience in New Zealand, you will find well-maintained trails close to amenities or reaching deep into the solitude of the wilderness.

Begin Your Bike Experience in New Zealand with Travel New Zealand

New Zealand Bike Packages created to Explore Breath taking Landscapes

Multiday Cycling

Focus on enjoying your New Zealand Bike Experience while Travel New Zealand takes care of the logistics. We will organize quality rental bikes for both guided and unguided tours, luxury accommodation, luggage transfers, and shuttles. 

If you prefer a shorter ride, we can also recommend hour-long or day-long rides amongst other activities throughout your journey. There’s no need to be tied to one activity if you have other experiences on your New Zealand bucket list. 

Our sole purpose is to provide you a stress-free cycling experience throughout your vacation. Contact us about our Bike Experience in New Zealand packages, and we will design a ride that’s best suited to you. 

When submitting your enquiry, be sure to let us know that you’re interested in a single or multi-day cycle tour.

View the Best of New Zealand’s great rides

You can start your New Zealand Bike Experience by exploring some trails here. Travel New Zealand has selected some of the best tracks where travelers can get a taste of what New Zealand has to offer avid cyclers and mountain bikers. Explore our interactive map below 

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