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You don’t have to go far in New Zealand to find incredible scenery, and with its diverse landscape you get the feeling of an entire world rolled into one. There’s no need to sleep rough to be amongst the wilderness, amongst all this beauty you will find luxury Hotels & Resorts.  

New Zealand’s Hotels and Resorts offer outstanding service in premium locations. From the South Island’s mountain vistas and lake front locations to city living and seaside positions throughout the North Island. Our providers offer high quality dining, spa facilities, full concierge services with a warm loving smile to make your stay welcoming and personal.

Experience the luxury you deserve in an environment that will leave you breathless and wanting to stay longer. 

Experience Luxury amongst New Zealand’s beauty

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Hotels and Resorts

Everyone wants their vacation to be a memorable experience, but not everyone has the time to invest in researching thousands of places to stay. Here at Travel New Zealand, we have great relationships with New Zealand’s top Hotels & Resorts. We have handpicked the best on offer, each providing the luxury you are used to and located exactly where you need to be. 

Our professional Travel Advisors will take the stress out of finding the perfect accommodation, making sure everything is taken care of right down to the last fine detail. 

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Travel New Zealand takes pride in offering a variety of luxury accommodation types. Don’t be restricted to one, select as many different types that inspire you on our enquiry form.

Also explore our interactive accommodation map on the homepage and let us know what you like the look of. Chat to our New Zealand experts today and start planning the adventure of a lifetime.

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